Start with a Use Case

AWS offers a powerful set of patient and member engagement services for the health and health insurance industry.

Before exploring services like AWS Pinpoint, AWS Personalize or AWS powered real-time interaction tools, it’s best to start with identifying your top use cases.

This post curates a list of the top patient and member engagement use cases, which you can use as a source of inspiration. 

A Note About Channels

Use cases are often applicable across multiple channels, which members and patient will show their own individual preferences for. You also need to be prepared for new channels to be added as they show popularity. 

Example channels to consider include: web, mobile, interactive email (AMP), SMS, outbound voice, inbound voice, 3rd party media and social.

Patient / Member Interaction Library

Health BenefitsFind Provider NudgeMessage customers with interactive map and list of service providers. Suggest most relevant providers based on member’s home address and known or predicted service type needs.

Channels: interactive email, web, mobile
Retention through realization of plan benefits.

Reduced gap in care.
Health Benefits, ClinicalAbandoned AppointmentMessage customers with suggested date and time windows for appointment with service provider.

Channels: interactive email, web, mobile
Reduced gap in care.
PharmacyRefill reminderReminder to refill prescription. Include “refill now” button to begin refill process.

Channels: interactive email, web, mobile
ClinicalGap in care nudgeRemind member that they have missed or are about to miss a critical screening test. Pop-up, banner, or highlighted message in secure inbox.

Channels: interactive email, web, mobile, SMS, outbound voice
Reduced gap in care.
WealthNext Best Action on Log-offTarget members with cross-sell, up-sell and messages to increase contribution amounts after they show signs of completing their inbound activity (e.g. downloading tax receipt). For example, log-off, summary or confirmation pages (these pages have shown multiple times the uptake rate of other locations on web or mobile).Cross-sell, up-sell.
Increased assets under management.
Health BenefitsUnused Benefits WarningMessage members with a summary of unused benefits that are about to be lost due to roll-over due to anniversary. For example, unused massage benefits. Option to prioritize message for members with predicted churn.Retention and increased satisfaction due to increased realization of benefits.
Health BenefitsBenefits Usage SummaryMessage or display to members their realized benefits (“savings”) over the past year, or multiple years. Option to prioritize message for members with predicted churn.Retention and increased satisfaction due to increased realization of benefits.
ClinicalMulti-step Screening Test NudgesSome screening tests require multiple steps, which may include sending samples and awaiting results before subsequent action by the member. Ensure member completes all steps by providing nudges and reminders throughout the complete journey.Improved health benefits.

Reduced risk of emergency health services through preventative actions.
Health Benefits, Life, Disability, WealthAbandoned ApplicationRetarget customers with 3rd party channels that have abandoned an online application for benefits. Re-engage prospective members that are comparison shopping for individual insurance.Acquisition.
WellnessWellness nudgeSummarize recent achievements within wellness program. Recommend and track next goal. Improved health outcomes.

Wellness program engagement.
WellnessRewardsRecommend personalized rewards for member based on their interests and profile. Offer options to easily redeem.

Channels: interactive email, web, mobile
Improved health outcomes.

Wellness program engagement.
Health BenefitsClaims FrictionDetect claims friction (e.g. multiple re-opening of pages, searches or browsing time on FAQ) and provide solutions such as: directing to relevant article, open chat-bot session, or offer live-agent callback.Customer satisfaction.

Improved retention.
Health BenefitsDigital AdoptionProvide a series of nudges as part of a “digital onboarding” campaign for new members or members that are showing interest in adopting digital service tools (e.g. e-statement, electronic claims etc.)Reduced customer service costs.

Customer satisfaction.