Reciprokal: Real-time Interaction

Interactive Real-Time Decision Engine Built with AWS

Personalize customer experience and determine next best action across diverse channels. Drive customer engagement by delivering rich interactions that unlock existing data and prediction investments made within AWS First organizations. 

Integrated AWS Ecosystem

Improve relevancy with low-latency and streamlined integration with other key AWS customer engagement services such as: Personalize, SageMaker, Kinesis Analytics and AWS powered data lakes.

Innovative Focus

Adopt the latest and best from AWS to meet requirements today. Avoid paying a premium for packaged solutions that will eventually require customization.  


100% built with AWS serverless services like Lambda. No need to provision or manage servers. Pay for only what you use, and automatically maintain high levels of performance as you scale.

Ready to Learn More?

Reciprokal is an Accelerator or Quick Start, which allows for rapid deployment of the most popular real-time decision engine features. Complete the form below to learn how you can gain access to Reciprokal’s documentation and source code samples.

Reciprokal offers the same capabilities found in popular real-time interaction packaged solutions such as Unica Interact, SAS Intelligent Decisioning / RTDM, Adobe Target, Pega Customer Decision Hub and  Salesforce Interaction Studio. However, Reciprokal isn’t for everyone; explore our posts below to help determine if your organization is well suited for an AWS First solution.

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