Empower non-technical marketers and marketing technologists to build segments from your organization's Snowflake data warehouse without SQL.


Leverage Snowflake's "variant" data type to allow marketers to tap into a treasure trove of previously inaccessible unstructured data sources; often rich sources of customer behavioural or usage data.


No juggling of .CSV flat files or custom integration required. Segments built in SnowSelect are immediately available for use in Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Journey Builder and Automation Studio.


Reduce campaign time-to-market by enabling marketers to directly access the customer and segment data they need for their rapidly changing marketing demands - all without IT intervention. Get immediate and on-going self-service value from your existing Marketing Data Mart.

SnowSelect provides marketers with a visual flowchart interface to build queries against your Snowflake environment. No SQL knowledge is required when using point-and-click query building (“low-code”). 

The results of queries are instantly made available as new or updated Data Extensions within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Results are ready for use within Email Studio and Journey Builder – helping to reduce time to market for campaigns based on new customer segments.

Are you a Snowflake Owner?

If you are a Snowflake data warehouse owner, learn how SnowSelect can help grow usage within your organization's marketing department in our video (right).

"Having easy access to the best data from Snowflake made our marketing initiatives even more effective in Journey Builder."
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Frequently asked questions

Snowflake is the next generation data warehouse technology, which is an alternative to technologies like AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse or GCP BigQuery; it also is a replacement for legacy on-premise data warehousing technologies.

A data warehouse and child marketing data marts are the beating hearts of customer data that enables leading marketing organizations to deliver highly personalized and engaging customer experiences.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers industry leading capabilities, such as Journey Builder, which provides complex marketing journey orchestration. However, the product requires customer data and segments to be curated and already actionable before the full value of the tool can be realized. SnowSelect empowers marketers to perform this staging step autonomously without IT intervention.

Read about how both Snowflake and SFMC are “soft technologies” that help empower their users. When married together with a low-code segmentation solution like SnowSelect, they are even more impactful.

SnowSelect integrates directly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Data Extensions. In turn, these may be used within Email Studio (formerly ExactTarget), Journey Builder, or anywhere else Data Extensions are accessible from within SFMC.

SnowSelect uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s most current APIs to transfer data between Snowflake and SFMC. For small segments, results are nearly instantaneously available. Where millions of subscribers are returned by a query, a few minutes may be required.

Yes. SnowSelect supports building queries based on Snowflake’s “VARIANT” data type, which is useful for building queries based on semi-structured data. 

Popular unstructured data sources for marketers include:

  • Detailed customer search history for product or service
  • Cart or application abandonment details
  • Customer friction or customer service issues detail

Yes, other popular cloud based data warehouses are supported such as AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse and Google Cloud BigQuery. However, not all SnowSelect features are available on these platforms, as SnowSelect is designed to take advantage of SnowFlake exclusive capabilities.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud users love working with Journey Builder. However, once customers have completed one or more journies, some analysis and segmentation is often required to determine what is the next best journey for that cohort of customers. 

SnowSelect allows Marketing Technologists to identify and segment these customers out as exclusion lists, or triggers for new journeys.