Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC) Workflow Challenges

Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC) offers powerful segmentation capabilities when working within workflows to help bring even the most sophisticated marketing campaigns to life.

However,  ACC’s workflow capabilities have a few “quality of life” features missing that can cause issues for end users and administrators:

  • Easy to accidentally create conflicting versions when multiple users are editing the same workflow (i.e. no simple “workflow lock” or automatic “read only” mode)
  • No automatic backup or version control
  • No ability to promote non-production workflows to production easily

"PowerrUp" Adobe Campaign Classic

“PowerUp” for ACC by SpadinaBus improves the experience for ACC users and administrators with the following features:

  • Automatic workflow backup
  • Version control (backup / restore)
  • Cross-environment workflow promotion (e.g. dev –> test –> production)


Yes! It is possible to use separate folders with different security permissions to only allow administrators to write to certain workflows.

SpadinaBus offers flexible storage architecture options, including within your own private cloud. By default, SpadinaBus uses AWS for workflow storage and retrieval.

No, only Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC), the former Neolane product, is supported. Adobe Campaign “standard” is not supported.