Why AWS Pinpoint is the preferred solution for customer engagement through real-time marketing campaigns and journeys for the IT buyer

As an IT leader in your organization, you’re often put in the challenging position of balancing the dynamic and rapidly evolving demands of your internal marketing clients with long term strategic IT goals. This challenge is especially acute when it comes to the MarTech landscape, as there are literally thousands of point solutions and platforms to choose from (7,040 in 2019, to be precise).

Whether your marketing clients are demanding point solutions (e.g. MailChimp, FreshRelevance), monolithic suites (e.g. Unica/HCL, Pega) or marketing cloud solutions (Adobe e.g. Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SilverPop, Acoustic etc.), these solutions fail to offer native and deep integration with your existing cloud infrastructure. At best, this represents are replication of effort for developing and maintaining key marketing related capabilities that would have been better resolved as part of a central IT function, or at the very least, with the assistance of IT resources with standardized skill sets.

AWS Pinpoint is built and adjacent to the existing AWS services your IT organization is already using and has built expertise on:

Explore the above articles for further details on how using AWS Pinpoint as your preferred customer engagement solution helps complement and build upon your existing AWS related investments and competencies.

AWS Pinpoint for Real-Time Inbound Interaction

AWS Pinpoint is a foundational component for an alternative or replacement for popular inbound marketing tools such as Unica Interact, SAS RTDM or Pega Marketing. 

AWS Pinpoint and other AWS customer engagement services can help you to break away from your monolithic MarTech suite:

Travel Sector Success Stories

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