Watch Part one of this two part video series here: Personalization for wavering travel customers (Part 1)

Extend AWS Personalize to Outbound Channels

In part one, we showed how AWS Personalize can use the power of its neural network to present the most relevant hotel properties on a travel website. We showed how AWS Personalize’s real-time recommendations could react on the fly to traveler’s rapidly changing intent.

AWS Personalize is channel agnostic, and offers a flexible API for integration with all channels. Out of the box, AWS Personalize is integrated with AWS Pinpoint, which is Amazon’s outbound customer interaction tool. AWS Pinpoint offers a variety of pre-built outbound channels, such as email, SMS and mobile push. AWS Pinpoint also offers journey capabilities commonly found with popular marketing automation tools like Adobe Marketing Cloud, or Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

What Should You Personalize?

How to best drive customer engagement with personalization is something that varies by industry. When considering your own organization, look for opportunities that enhance the customer experience and provide value through relevancy. AWS Pinpoint is not specifically a “marketing tool”, and is built to accommodate a wide variety of use cases that spans multiple areas: service, customer experience, customer support, marketing and more. While you might be operating within a product-centric paradigm within your organization, consider how AWS Personalize might help provide relevancy for customers by recommending content related to self-service or education.

Plays Well with Friends

Some organizations have already committed to a “build with AWS first” strategy when evaluating technology vendors in their customer engagement and analytics departments. Why? AWS offers a wide variety (and continuously and rapidly growing) list of complementary services that pair well with AWS Personalize and AWS Pinpoint. If your customer data already exists within AWS, there are significant performance and cost advantages to perform personalization modeling and customer engagement decisioning on the same platform.

What About Real-Time Interactive Engagement?

Although AWS Personalize offers the capability to deliver recommendations in real-time on inbound channels such as mobile or web, it does not offer the ability to mix machine learning based recommendations with traditional segmentation rules built with business rules. To learn how to build your own real-time decisioning engine with AWS, read about it here.